Reinventing Coronary Analysis
Transforming diagnostic & therapeutic procedures in coronary intervention

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world, causing about one out of three deaths

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    Leading cause of death
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    Every 40 seconds, a person dies of CVD
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    One out of three dies of CVD

Medipixel builds innovative SaMD (Software as a Medical Devices) to transform the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in coronary interventions based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology.


Medipixel is committed to coronary intervention, which leads us to the best expertise in automated, accurate, and timely coronary diagnosis and treatment.

AI with the performance

Medipixel's artificial intelligence is being trained by high quality labeled data, thus shows the performance that was previously impossible to achieve.

Real-time Decision-making

Medipixel's artificial intelligence technology fulfills unprecedented automation and makes it possible for physicians to make better decisions at cath lab in real-time.

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Medipixel provides solutions not only for diagnosis but also for treatment at cathlab

  • AI
    Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning and Reinforcement learning
  • Diagnosis
    More accuracy in diagnosis, Faster decision making, Improved physician experience.
  • Treatment
    Enhanced visibility, Confident wiring guidance, Automated navigation.
Meet our product MPXA
Automated Lesion Quantification Segmentation
Based on the accurate vessel segmentation in the previous step, MPXA creates reference line and performs lesion analysis including diameter stenosis, length, min/max diameter, etc. in an accurate way.
Automated Stent Recommendation
Following the lesion analysis, MPXA computes the diameter and length of the stent that it thinks is the best suitable for the lesion, and show its location on the lesion area.
Our Solution
Fully automated real-time coronary analysis at cath lab
Medipixel FFR-AI
Software based functional diagnosis at cath lab (coming soon)
Medipixel CT-AI
Real-time procedure planning at cath lab (coming soon)
Medipixel IVUS-AI
Real-time intravascular analysis and co-registration (coming soon)
Medipixel Control-AI
Automated guidewire navigation to any lesion area (coming soon)
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